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The wests demise to the sidelines of history as it’s outpaced by the east and technology

The world is changing, but the west is clinging on to a unipolar vision of the world that has passed. It’s attempts to discard this changing reality in exchange for a western worldview expressed in their politics and media are so ungrounded, it’s comical as it is dangerous. This western bubble of reality laid down … Lees verder

Social entrepreneurship as a potential for social change and emancipation, The Zeitgeist Movement

This research paper, “contributes to SE literature on emancipation, defined as ‘breaking free’ when further developing the method in the direction of world-making, defined as ‘creating new worlds’. This study suggests that transition theory can be useful for the study of the impact of social entrepreneurial movements.” Lees verder

Ukrainian tensions: Russia may ‘have gas’, but the US has the dollar

To begin to understand the tensions that come with the Ukrainian crises we will have to zoom out and begin looking critically towards not just Russia, but also the west. From monetary policy to the political arena, ending with you. Lees verder

Love has understanding come and judgement fade

Our society seems to harden and love for our peers harder to give. We amaze ourselves over it, disapprove of it and place blame with the mad individual. Imagination however teaches us to take in to account the conditions of the environment -parents, school, friends, societal structure- and the person’s previous conditions. Empathy teaches us … Lees verder

Our technical reality: how cleantech and the internet will bring us the third industrial revolution

Crisis after crisis: ecological, social and economical. It would almost get you dispirited. As a lecture earlier this year reminded me however, crisis originally also means ‘turning point’. And with our current scientific and technological progress as basic idea and starting point, it shows us we can overcome the problems of our time and en … Lees verder

Zeitgeist: moving on

As of today I will no longer be the national coordinator for zeitgeist Netherlands; I resign. Seeing the trust that was given to me by so many and my need for a proper closure comes the need to explain this further. It’s been great years and a great learning curve. I’ve initially learned a lot … Lees verder

The times they are a-changing

16/10/2011 (English translation 11/10/2012 by Josefien Bruijn) – In a world where the laws of the monetary-economic game brings us debt and the artificial necessity of profit, these laws leave us with real or perceived scarcity, harsh social inequality, segregation and ecological breakdown; each of which will have its own disastrous consequences. As a consequence … Lees verder

The value of the individual within the zeitgeist movement

(Text from the speech at the Townhall Meeting in Amsterdam. August, 2011.) (Republished from blog.thezeitgeistmovement.com) Hello everybody. It’s great to see so many people gathered here with interest in the ideas of the Zeitgeist movement. It’s great to see such awareness of a need for fundamental change. The need for an economy that is sustainable, … Lees verder

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