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Een stijgende US dollar als indicatie van een naderende crisis

Het klinkt tegenstrijdig: de verkoop van Amerikaanse staatsobligaties die de dollar zal laten stijgen. Welcome to the endgame of western financial hegemony. Lees verder

The wests demise to the sidelines of history as it’s outpaced by the east and technology

The world is changing, but the west is clinging on to a unipolar vision of the world that has passed. It’s attempts to discard this changing reality in exchange for a western worldview expressed in their politics and media are so ungrounded, it’s comical as it is dangerous. This western bubble of reality laid down … Lees verder

Ukrainian tensions: Russia may ‘have gas’, but the US has the dollar

To begin to understand the tensions that come with the Ukrainian crises we will have to zoom out and begin looking critically towards not just Russia, but also the west. From monetary policy to the political arena, ending with you. Lees verder

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