About Me

From an early age on I have been interested in the way people interact, observant. Later on this interest extended into wondering what motivates people and society as a whole to opt for a certain lifestyle.

After I had spent a year as an exchange student in New Zealand I became fascinated by the way other cultures operate and I have not been able to rid myself of this curiosity. As I was back in the Netherlands for too long a time, the urge to travel and to observe and experience different ways of living returned. This later found its way in different ways of thinking.

It was a logical choice to start to study as a teacher of society studies. After passing my first year I moved on to the University of Leiden to study ‘Latin American cultures and languages’. I passed the first year then chose to live life instead and preferred self-tuition over finishing my programme.

In addition to these studies I have always had a keen interest in the way society functions. This passion will always be there and I would like to share it with you over time through this blog.

Society studies taught me that economics is a mere model of reality, university taught me the workings of geopolitics and perseverance. My own research has brought me to study the world of banks and the financial-monetary system. This research leads to an ever increasing holistic understanding which shows our unity in dependence on our environment and has made me come to realise that the way we have shaped our economic-monetary system does not benefit the well-being nor the development of the public at large. There should and can be a different way to organise societies. As science shows us, our current society does not meet our human needs. By looking at technology, science, the arts and each other for new possibilities we can find wasy to move to a more sustainable, social and liberal organisation of our society.

As one of the initiators of occupy amsterdam and two year national coordinator of zeitgeist movement The Netherlands I have learned about the dynamics involved in creating value added activisism. As my activities have led to a network of contacts in the area of social change and sustainability -including MP’s as well as local initiatives-, I seek to create an understanding with all involved based onto the way we organise current society and what possibilities we can choose to shape the future to serve the needs of all.

Seth Lievense
seth[at]limpidus[dot]org (email)


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